Bitter Cold in the Forecast
Mayor Wu declared a cold emergency in the City of Boston from Friday, February 3, through Sunday, February 5.

Sabrina Dorsainvil

Director of Civic Design, Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics

Sabrina Dorsainvil is a Boston-based public artist, civic designer and illustrator. They look to people, the way we interact with each other and how we exist in our everyday spaces as inspiration for action. As the first Director of Civic Design for the City of Boston’s Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics, Sabrina uses creative approaches to navigate issues around public health, civic participation, care infrastructure, and the built environment. Sabrina’s art focuses on storytelling, unpacking complex ideas and finding simple yet vibrant ways of celebrating people and their humanity. Sabrina is a member of several arts, design, urbanism and youth-centered, nonprofit boards as well as a visiting artist, panelist, educator, advisor, and lecturer in a variety of spaces.

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