Midori Morikawa

Deputy Chief of Economic Opportunity and Inclusion

As Deputy Chief of Economic Opportunity & Inclusion, Midori focuses on making Boston an appealing and accessible place for working families, entrepreneurs, businesses, and investors to innovate, grow, and thrive. Midori develops policies and programs that fosters inclusion, broadens opportunity, and shares prosperity, thereby enhancing the quality of life for all Bostonians and the experience for all visitors. 

Last year, Midori served as the Interim Chief of Economic Development under Mayor Janey, distributing over $15 million grants to aid with COVID-19 recovery. She conceptualized and stood up the Cannabis Equity team; launched an All-Inclusive campaign; launched the Restaurant Revitalization fund; and oversaw grant distribution to over 2,000 small businesses.

Prior to that, Midori served for three years as the Director of Business Strategy charged with attracting new businesses from local and international markets, as well as retaining and growing existing businesses. She also led strategies to enhance emerging industries, including exploring workforce development opportunities for talent pipeline development and retention in response to business community needs. Previously, Midori was the Deputy Director of Workforce and Policy Development at the Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development. Midori led key initiatives, including the development and implementation of the Mayor's Tuition-Free Community College program, which has served over 800 Boston youth since its inception. Midori also distributed $7 million in workforce development investment, funding high-impact nonprofit organizations in occupational training, youth jobs, adult basic education, apprenticeship, and alternative education. Midori has promoted a number of key partnerships including the Boston Bridge, a collaboration between the city and the MA Executive Office of Education to create tuition-free four-year degree pathways for Boston residents; and oversaw a multi-year evaluation of Summer Youth Employment program in partnership with Northeastern University. 

Before joining the City of Boston, Midori served as the Director of Planning at Action for Boston Community Development, and Program Performance and Evaluation Manager at YWCA Boston. Midori received her Master of Arts degree from the Heller School of Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Clark University. A native of Japan, Midori spent her childhood in Malaysia and Indonesia before coming to the United States to attend college

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