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Bike Share Expansion 2020-2021

We making our public bike share more reliable and convenient for you to use.  For the first time, we will bring stations to Hyde Park, and we'll fill in gaps in Mattapan too!

With guidance from your neighbors, we have a final plan for expansion in 2021. We thank everyone for their help and their time.

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New Bike Share Stations

With your help, we selected twelve sites in Dorchester, Mattapan, and Hyde Park.

A map shows the existing Bluebikes stations with blue dots, the 10 new stations planned for this year as green dots with numbers; and two additional sites pending construction with numbered yellow dots.

New bike share stations in Boston. View an interactive map.


  • 1: Butler Trolley T Stop - permit pending MBTA
  • 2: Morton Street at Gallivan Boulevard - permit pending property owner
  • 3: Shops at Riverwood - permit pending property owner
  • 4: Ross Playground - permit pending Boston Parks and Recreation Department
  • 5: Metropolitan Avenue at America's Food Basket
  • 6: American Legion Highway at Hyde Park Avenue
  • 7: Hyde Park Avenue at Arlington Street
  • 8: Hyde Park Library
  • 9: Cleary Square
  • 10: Truman Parkway at Fairmount Avenue - permit pending Department of Conservation and Recreation
  • 11: Cummins Highway at Blue Hill Avenue Station - pending Cote Village construction
  • 12: Cummins Highway at Itasca Street - pending Cummins Highway reconstruction project

Planning process

Planning process

In March and April, we were invited to share potential locations to neighborhood groups. We collected feedback and heard advice for potential station locations. 

On May 11, 2021, we hosted a virtual meeting. We shared our process and heard your  feedback on potential locations. You can download the presentation.

We posted signs on the street near each potential location we are considering to add a Bluebikes station.

A blue sign located on the pole of a pedestrian signal.  It is next to a green bike lane with white flexposts and a white arrow.  The sign has information about potential Bluebikes station locations in the area
Sign posted on a signal pole at Cummins and Itasca.

A blue sign located halfway up a pole.  The Hyde Park post office is to the right and the street is to the left.  The sign has information about potential Bluebikes station locations in the area
A sign located on a pole by the Hyde Park Post Office in Cleary Square.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we began our site selection process virtually. We created and shared introductory videos that explain how we plan for bike share. Those recorded presentations are available in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole.

We collected initial suggestions for Bluebikes stations via an online survey. This survey was available in three languages: English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole.

We explored the suggestions in the field to get a sense of whether they would meet physical requirements for a Bluebikes station. These locations were advanced to the next round of planning.

Bike share perks

Bike share perks

Adding Bluebikes to driving or taking public transit can help you reduce overall transportation costs.  

For example, many people drive or take public transit and ride Bluebikes for shorter trips. By riding Bluebikes for shorter trips once in a while, you can stretch your gas tank over a longer period of time. This allows  you to save money on fewer trips to the gas station.

A regular annual membership costs as little as $9 each month, or $109 per year.  We offer a discounted membership for those with limited incomes, which costs just $50 for the year or $5 each month.  Some employers or schools also offer discounted memberships! Without a membership, one trip costs just $2.50 for 45 minutes.  Or, you can purchase an Adventure Pass, which gives you 24-hour access to check out bikes for two hours at a time. 

Live on the third floor? Bluebikes stations make it easy to grab a bike when you’re in a rush.  You won’t need to worry about carrying a bike down or up several flights of stairs. Bluebikes also receive regular maintenance checks.

Say your sister is using your car, you can still catch a ride by finding a Bluebikes at your nearest station. Need to drop your car off at an auto body shop? You can take Bluebikes home. Plus, in most of Boston, you can usually find a station just a 10 minute walk away wherever you are!

Last year, Bluebikes trips increased at stations near many of the region's off-street bike paths, such as the Neponset River Trail in Mattapan.  Additionally, our annual bike counts data recorded twice as many people biking in our Mattapan count location at Mattapan Square than previous years.

Explore 2020 Bluebikes by the Numbers

Explore 2020 Biking in Boston by the numbers

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    Use this form to sign up to get updates about our bike share expansion planning process.

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