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Skarlett Abreu

Founder of Acesoria Cominitaria de la Diaspora Dominicana

Skarlett Abreu was born and raised in Bani, Dominican Republic. She arrived to Boston in 2011 where she joined Merengue Restaurant team as a kitchen assistant. As a child raised by her grandmother, her love for the kitchen was inculcated by the many hours she spent in her grandmother's small restaurant. Her passion quickly was recognized by the administration and became part of the front of the house. Today this passion and commitment to her job have positioned her as the General Manager of the restaurant.

Her social work interest and community engagement have been present in her life since a very early age. In 2009 she was selected as a youth counselor for the office of the town hall for the municipality of Bani. Here she started developing her leadership skills that later on landed the Executive Assistant position in 2010 for the Perello Cultural Center; which is one of the most dynamic cultural centers in the country and in the Caribbean, capable of articulating initiatives related to the different cultural, artistic and environmental manifestations, with the existing Dominican and Caribbean sociocultural diversity.

After moving to Boston her bond with the Perello Cultural Center and her people has never stopped. Today she has her own community consulting agency, Acesoria Cominitaria de la Diaspora Dominicana, where she organizes the Dominican immigrants in Boston to preserve their culture and keep it alive as well as collect funds for the most vulnerable communities back home. Her latest contribution was to collect food and money to send to those displaced by hurricane Fiona in 2022 which severely affected the east part of the island.

Examples of her civic engagement and the promotion and integration of entities in various cultural initiatives are becoming a member of the Dominican Festival Committee in 2023; OEA Poll Watcher for the 2021 Ecuador elections; Founding Member of Matagorcences Unidos en el Exterior 2020; Founding Member of Catalinenses Unidos en el Exterior 2020; Founding Member of Escondieros Unidos en el Exterior 2020; Coordinator and liaison of the Dominican Consulate and Dominican Community Organizations 2022

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