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Health of Boston

The Health of Boston Report provides data on the health status of Boston residents.

These reports provide a broad picture of the overall health experience of our city. They help identify those at greatest risk for poor health outcomes.

Health of Boston Special Report

Learn more about the COVID-19 experience of Boston residents with the findings from the COVID-19 Health Equity Survey

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Other Reports and Data Briefs

Other Reports and Data Briefs

This report focuses on analyzing the findings of the Boston Overdose Linkage to Treatment Study (BOLTS) with a sub-analysis focused on those in the Mass and Cass area.

This special report is an in-depth analysis of cancer data. It provides actionable information on the cancer experience of Boston residents.

In 2017, the Boston Public Health Commission assessed availability of healthcare services in the city of Boston. This included a process to identify un-served or under-served populations. The Healthcare Access Report summarizes these findings.

The Health of Boston’s Children: Parent and Caregiver perspectives surveyed 2,100 parents and caregivers about a variety of children's health-related issues. Report findings allow researchers to compare health outcomes and experiences of Boston’s children and families with those of children and families across Massachusetts and the United States. 

The report encourages public dialogue, informs policymakers, and stimulates programs, services and research aimed at eliminating inequities and improving health outcomes for children. 

The Boston Public Health Commission released a data brief showing significant improvement in the Black infant mortality rate and a historic narrowing of the infant mortality rate gap between Black infants and White infants.

These reports provide insight into alcohol and drug abuse among Boston residents. The reports focus on data that describes patterns and trends of specific substance abuse-related health experiences. 

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