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City Council Calls for Equal Treatment of all Missing Women Cases

During this week’s Council meeting, the Council adopted a resolution offered by Councilor Mejia calling for equal treatment of all missing women cases in the City of Boston.

Councilor Mejia spoke of the disappearance of Reina Carolina Morales Rojas, an East Boston resident, Salvadoran immigrant and mother of two, and that it took nearly two months before the Boston Police Department publicly announced that she was missing.

Missing cases of women of color are often unmet with the same urgency as their white counterparts. The resolution states that, “police protection should be afforded equally to all residents regardless of race, national origin, or gender.”

The Council urges the City of Boston and the Boston Police Department to thoroughly investigate Ms. Morales Rojas’ disappearance, commit to ensuring plans are in place for how the BPD will respond to such cases moving forward, and maximize transparency with the community.

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