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‘Legacy’ Tree Planted to Commemorate Veterans Day

Local advocates and City officials gathered on the holiday to begin the progress of a Veterans Memorial arboretum.

The Veterans Memorial in the Back Bay Fens of the Emerald Necklace is a stalwart reminder of the many military personnel that served and gave their lives for our country.  There has been an ongoing movement by local residents to make the memorial more dynamic with the planting of new trees. In this years-long pursuit, they have enlisted the help of the Parks Commissioner Ryan Woods, Parks Department employees, and staff of nearby Northeastern University.  The vision is to make this area of the Fens an arboretum with a diverse collection of trees for the education of visitors and the remembrance of our veterans.

On the crisp autumn morning of Friday, November 10th the vision of a veterans memorial arboretum moved a little bit closer to becoming a reality. Residents and officials gathered in the Back Bay Fens to honor our veterans with the planting of a new tree: a sugar maple ‘Legacy’ (Acer saccharum). This tree will provide shade for park-goers and put on a show each year with its brilliant fall colors.

Participating in the event were local elected officials: City Councilor Sharon Durkan and State Representative Jay Livingstone. The planting of the tree was completed with help from neighbors of all ages, including a local personality embodying the celebrated Frederick Law Olmstead (1822-1905). The events of the morning made for a moving tribute to our veterans. The Parks Department is appreciative to all who made the day so special, including the most photogenic members of our Park Rangers: Otis, Remington and Mystic.

A local personality dressed to embody Frederick Law Olmstead poses in front of three mounted Parks rangers and a flag.


A local personality dressed to embody Frederick Law Olmstead shovels dirt onto the newly planted tree with a woman next to him.


A local personality dressed to embody Frederick Law Olmstead adjusts the newly planted tree while a woman reads into a microphone and the Parks commissioner and children look on. Mounted rangers are in the background.


A group of six people stand around the newly planted tree. Three mounted rangers are in the background with a flag.


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