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Boston Art Commission Meeting - June 2024

Note: This meeting will be held virtually only and NOT in person. You can participate in the meeting by going to our online meeting link and using your computer's audio and microphone. If you are unable to connect to audio or you do not have internet, you can call into the meeting by dialing 301-715-8592 and entering Meeting I.D. 453 796 7678 #.

Public comment on Presentations for Review, Public Testimony, and Commission Vote may be provided ahead of the hearing by submitting written testimony by 12 p.m. (noon) on Monday, June 10, 2024. 

You will also have the opportunity to submit comments during the meeting via the Zoom platform or by phone. If you require closed captioning you can make a request to


Working together with the Public Art Team in Mayor’s Office of Arts & Culture, the Boston Art Commission (BAC) is an independent board composed of two ex-officio and seven appointed volunteer art and design professionals that holds public meetings to review, discuss, and vote on matters concerning the City’s art collection. The BAC has exclusive authority to approve and commission artworks intended to be added to the City’s collection or be placed on City property. The Curatorial Vision for the City of Boston is to foster the creation and collection of artworks that reflect the people, ideas, histories, and futures of Boston, the traditional homeland of the Massachusett people and the home of the neighboring Wampanoag and Nipmuc peoples. We aim to commission and approve artworks that engage communities and directly respond to, enrich, and enliven the urban environment. We seek public art that is driven by an artistically strong vision, enhances the diversity and equity of the existing collection, and possess durability appropriate to the lifespan of the work. For more information, see

Discussion Topics



    1. Welcome, Karin Goodfellow
    2. Call to Order and Review of Minutes, John Andress
  2. DIRECTOR’S REPORT, Karin Goodfellow
    1. Community Initiated Commissions 
    2. City Initiated Commissions 
    3. Existing Collections
    1. Instructions for public commentKarin Goodfellow
    2. Commissions for Presentation
      1. Fields Corner Asphalt Mural; Long-term asphalt mural; Final Design; Dorchester Ave and Adams Street, Dorchester; Artists: Liz LaManche, Ngoc-Tran Vu with consulting from Rixy Fernandez; Proponent: Jackey West Devine, Fields Corner Main Street - Jackey West Devine, Fields Corner Main Street
      2. Untitled (To Be Determined); Long-term artworks; Preliminary Design; Ruggles Street, Roxbury, MA; Artist: Jenny Sabin; Proponent: Amber Torres, City of Boston - Amber Torres, City of Boston
      3. A Legacy of Color; Long-term mural; Acceptance; BCYF Shelburne, 2730 Washington Street, Roxbury; Artist: Geo 'GoFive' Ortega with Luis ‘Take One’ Taforo; Proponent: City of Boston - Liza Quiñonez, City of Boston
      4. ELEVAR LA CULTURA; Temporary artwork, Final Design; Un-monument Initiative; City Hall; Artist: Victor Quiñonez; Proponent: Karin Goodfellow, City of Boston - Karin Goodfellow, City of Boston
      5. We Are Here Too; Temporary artwork, Final Design; Un-monument Initiative; Sites proximate to Copps Burying Ground, North End; Artist: Roberto Mighty; Proponent: Karin Goodfellow, City of Boston - Karin Goodfellow, City of Boston
      6. “Spray It Loud, Display It Proud” Series: Monumental Manifestations of Community in the Medium of Graffiti; Temporary artwork, Final Design; Un-monument Initiative; Multi-sited; Artist: Aaron Myers; Proponent: Karin Goodfellow, City of Boston - Karin Goodfellow, City of Boston
      7. Research and Development Project inspired by A People's Monument; Temporary artwork, Final Design; Un-monument Initiative; Various, including, the former Site of Emancipation Group; Artist: Cedric Douglas; Proponent: Karin Goodfellow, City of Boston - Karin Goodfellow, City of Boston

Additional Information

The next monthly meeting of the BAC will be held on Tuesday, July 9, 2024 at 4:30 PM.

 All agenda items listed may be voted on or tabled by the BAC

*Applications and presentations listed will be pulled from the agenda if the proponents are not able to submit all needed materials two weeks in advance of the scheduled BAC meeting. All applications are to be reviewed for approval, pending property owner permissions. 

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