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Resources for Artists in Boston

Find out more about services for artists in the City of Boston.

Share your art in public spaces

Sharing Art in Public
How to share your art in public

There are many ways to share your art in public spaces in the City of Boston, such as:

  • performing
  • creating public art (art that is on publicly owned property)
  • selling your art
  • creating your own art in a public space (such as painting in a public space like a park), and
  • making a mural on private property. If you're planning a public art project on private property, please complete this form.
You don't need any permits as long as you:
  • do not require a designated location
  • are not too loud
  • do not have plans to draw a large crowd, and
  • are not selling anything

You also always must obey laws against disorderly persons and conduct.

    You need to apply for permission if you:

    If you would like to create a mural on private property, you may need permits and permission from neighborhood organizations, which vary by location. If you have questions, contact us at

    Finding space as an artist in Boston

    We want to help artists of all disciplines find spaces in Boston.

    Help finding space

    Arts service organizations

    Arts service organizations

    We have information and links below to all the organizations in Greater Boston that provide services and support for artists. For more details about each group, please visit their websites.

    Art Connection

    Connects artists and donors to community service groups through the placement of original artwork.


    The nonprofit empowers artists and creative entrepreneurs to develop and innovate. 

    Arts and Business Council of Greater Boston 

    The council offers legal services, capacity building, workforce development, and partnerships. 


    Provides research and programs to build your audience.

    Boston Dance Alliance

    The alliance finds and creates shared resources, information, and partnerships to help dance flourish.

    Boston Musicians' Association

    The labor union represents more than 1,600 professional musicians in the Boston metro area and beyond. 

    Boston Singers' Resource

    Learn about networking and promotional services for singers and vocal groups.

    Documentary Educational Resources

    Promotes documentaries and media that help others learn about the people and cultures of the world.

    Fenway Alliance

    The membership service and advocacy groups is dedicated to the Fenway Cultural District.

    Great Boston Choral Consortium

    The association helps local choral groups develop and grow by sharing information and fostering cooperation.


    Fosters the creation of meaningful stories and ensures that excellent writing remains vital and relevant. 

    Massachusetts Artists Leaders Coalition

    Empowers artists to become more engaged with the democratic process and public policy making.

    Massachusetts Cultural Council

    The state agency promotes excellence, inclusion, education, and diversity in the arts, humanities, and sciences.


    MASSCreative advocates for the resources and support necessary for the arts to thrive.

    Mass Poetry

    Mass Poetry supports poets and poetry in Massachusetts. 

    Mass Production Coalition

    Mass Production Coalition supports filmmakers and production companies.

    New England Museum Association

    The group inspires and connects people engaged with the museum field.

    The Record Co.

    The nonprofit music incubator works to build a sustainable, equitable music scene in Boston.


    Provides leadership and services to advance the art of theater in Greater Boston and New England.

    VSA Massachusetts

    Promotes the involvement of people of all abilities in the cultural life of our communities.

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