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Simon Donovan and Ben Olmstead

Artist team commissioned for Boston Arts Academy exterior public art project

Simon Donovan and Ben Olmstead, both coincidentally Boston born and raised, are currently residents of Tucson, Arizone. They are intimate with the Fenway neighborhood and relish the prospect of returning home and contributing artwork to this urban setting.

They have worked together on public art commissions for 15 years. Each is a multimedia artist. They have over 25 past and current projects together. They combined forces when they realized the beneficial results of collaboration include:

  • strengthened ideas from an added perspective
  • thorough trouble-shooting, and
  • increased talents and additional familiarity with a variety of mediums.

Their process is to distill the best solutions through discussion and debate. As collaborators, they have prospered from an exchange of ideas and technical information. They have developed a complimentary aesthetic sensibility and they work for a unified approach.

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