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Bicycle / Active Transportation Group

We partner with the City to promote a culture of healthy and green living, working, and playing.

Our group supports active modes of moving around and through Boston. Our mission as an employee resource group is to lead by example. By doing this, we aim to:

  • help Boston become a more active, transportation-friendly City
  • work to achieve Boston’s carbon neutrality goals, and
  • elevate and support vulnerable users of Boston’s streets and sidewalks.

About our group

Our mission

We work to build a culture that fosters innovation and inclusion. We want to give City employees more opportunities and resources for active commuting. We’re a resource for any City employee interested in using an active mode of transportation for work or leisure. Our programs and activities also align with the overall mission of the City of Boston.


Membership is open to all City employees. All members are eligible to chair committees. They can also become candidates for elected office, and vote in our elections.

Our goals
  • Build unity between colleagues
  • Learn about active transportation in other cultures (for example, Ciclovia)
  • Create a safe space to share experiences
  • Develop opportunities for leadership, professional development, and growth
  • Create opportunities for celebration of bicycling and walking
  • Educate colleagues and the public about the benefits of active transportation
  • Increase visibility of government employees who use active modes of transportation to help recruit and include new staff

Who's Involved:

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