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Equity and Inclusion Cabinet

We're advancing racial justice and social, economic, and health equity in the City of Boston.

The mission of the Equity and Inclusion Cabinet is to transform City policies, programs, and practices so that every resident has full access to what the City of Boston has to offer. With the goals of achieving racial justice and improving social determinants of health through systemic change for historically excluded communities, the Equity and Inclusion Cabinet: 

  1. directly improves outcomes with and for residents
  2. counsels all City departments to better address issues of equity, inclusion, and access, and
  3. creates the conditions for residents to build their collective power.

City of Boston Equity Statement

The City of Boston has played a role in causing and perpetuating the inequities in our society. To break down these barriers, we are embedding equity and inclusion into everything we do.

We define equity as ensuring every community has the resources it needs to thrive in Boston. This requires the active process of meeting individuals where they are. Inclusion is engaging every resident to build a more welcoming and supportive city. We are building a city for everyone, where diversity makes us a more empowered collective.

Task Force on Reparations

The group will study the legacy of slavery in Boston, the impact on descendants, and solutions for restorative justice.

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