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Susan McCollin

Administrative and Project Coordinator

Susan McCollin is the Administrative and Project Coordinator to the Senior Advisor on Racial Justice for the Mayor’s Office of Equity and Inclusion Cabinet. In this role she helps to coordinate the Racial Justice initiatives that aim to make sure all have access and support to thrive from childhood to retirement. She is focused on social, racial and economic resilience in a city affected by historic and current divisions of race and class and solutions for the future.

Her most recent projects include Artivism, a student project that focuses on the power of youth voice and art as a tool for social inquiry.  Prior to joining the City of Boston in 2021, Susan worked as an executive assistant at AdOutreach, a company that helps businesses leverage the power of YouTube video ads to build a consistent pipeline of leads and sales. 

Susan McCollin has always had a passion for service, an urgency to give back, and advocate for those who need a voice. Susan holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts Boston. She lives in Brighton, Ma with two children Adam and Isabella, and pets Rebel the tortoise and Michaelangelo the turtle.


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