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Literacy Task Force

The task force will help the Mayor and the City of Boston improve literacy rates.

About the Task Force

The Literacy Task Force was established through a 2021 City Council ordinance. The task force is made up of 15 members.

The Literacy Task Force will:

  1. Study rates of literacy across Boston.
  2. Develop an action plan for the City of Boston to improve access to education and City services for residents who are unable to read or write in any language.
  3. Promote opportunities to increase literacy for adults and children through policy and programming recommendations.

Read the ordinance

Task Force Members

Task Force Members
  • Edith Bazile, Founder, Black Advocates for Educational Excellence
  • Yorsalem Brhane, Student at Boston International Newcomers Academy 
  • Manuel Coronado, Graduate of Brighton High School, Immigrants Lead Boston alumni
  • Monique Tú Nguyen, Executive Director, Mayor’s Office for Immigrant Advancement
  • Lesley Ryan Miller, Chief of Teaching and Learning, Boston Public Schools
  • Gayana Daniel, Chief of Staff, Office of Language and Communications Access 
  • Papa Diop, Education Unit Manager Boston Center for Youth and Families 
  • Xiomara Gomez, Student at Gardner Pilot Academy Adult ESOL Program
  • Lee Haller, Director of Programs, English for New Bostonians
  • Stephen Hunter, Adult Education Director, Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center
  • David Leonard, President, Boston Public Library
  • Councilor Julia Mejia, At-Large City Councilor
  • Trinh Nguyen, Chief of Worker Empowerment
  • Nicole Simeon, Student at Bunker Hill Community College, First Literacy Scholar
  • Lori D’Avella, Program Director, Charlestown Adult Education

Meetings and Events

Meetings and Events

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