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Navigating information around vaccines as a parent

This month, we look at information, education, and resources for parents navigating the decision around vaccines and safety for their children.

As we continue to grapple with and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccines have been a key component in the battle to suppress the virus. They have also been a subject of controversy, and difficult conversations around medical safety, civic responsibility, and freedom of choice, much akin to conversations around mask mandates. This controversy is expected to intensify with the likely imminent release of approved vaccines for children aged 5-11. Parents have expressed concerns around safety, the stress of the unknown, and the feeling of lack of choice and education. Worries about vaccines predate the COVID-19 vaccine, and have been a topic of conversation for decades. A big concern of today is not just transmission of COVID, which a study has shown may be more spreadable by younger children, but the complications even for children and teenagers that can come with long-form COVID.  

In summary, it is a fraught topic that can cause considerable stress, and the Internet can be a challenging place to find reliable information for those who are coping with stress and worry for their children. We wanted to share some educational resources from both local and national sources to help provide extra information around vaccines. This information is not presented as a substitute for medical advice, which should be provided by a trusted medical professional.

Our largest piece of advice outside of this information is to consult your doctor or other trusted medical professionals. It’s also helpful to talk with your friends and loved ones who have chosen to take the vaccine or had their children do so.

Take good care, stay healthy, and have a safe month.

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