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Cultural Planning

Equitable access to space is a key priority of the Office of Arts and Culture.

Cultural planning projects and programs

Boston Creates

Read Boston's 10-year plan for enhancing arts and culture in the City.

Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) initiatives

Learn about the active planning initiatives being coordinated by the BPDA.

Cultural districts

Cultural districts are well-recognized areas that help strengthen local economies and add vibrancy to local culture.

Public art projects

We commission public art projects in the City that engage communities and enrich the urban environment.

Guidance for public art on private property

This guidance note is for anyone working on public art projects on privately-owned buildings or sites.

Upham's Corner Arts and Innovation District

We're working to revitalize Upham's Corner and celebrate the Fairmount Corridor connector.

Allston-Brighton Placekeeping

We commissioned CivicMoxie to conduct research and engagement on cultural assets, publicly accessible art, and placekeeping needs in Allston-Brighton.

Supporting Cultural Spaces

Space to create and share work is vital for Boston’s arts and creative ecosystem. We need to act urgently to secure and create cultural space.

Cultural Space Fund

The Cultural Space Fund provides funding to seed, stabilize and expand cultural spaces in the City.

Waterfront Civic/Cultural Space Planning Study

We’re working to improve the delivery conditions and tenanting processes for Civic/Cultural Space made available through Chapter 91 Facilities of Public Accommodations

566 Columbus Ave. Cultural Space

The Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture is managing the public process in partnership with 566 Columbus LLC and the Boston Planning & Development Agency for the sale of 2,491 SF of non-profit/cultural condo in the South End.

About cultural planning

Cultural planning works with City planning and development processes. The goal is to create more opportunities for the local arts and creative community to live, work, and create in Boston.

As noted in Boston Creates, supporting arts and culture requires infrastructure, including:

  • work, performance, and exhibition space
  • educational institutions and programs
  • arts service organizations
  • artists’ housing
  • private and public arts funders, and
  • government entities to provide supportive policies, regulations, and resources.

Cultural planning works across all of these aspects. The goal is to protect, support, and grow Boston's arts spaces. 

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