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Healthy Incentives Program

Earn more SNAP dollars with the Healthy Incentives Program. 

In Massachusetts, all SNAP shoppers can take part in the Healthy Incentives Program (HIP). If you get SNAP benefits, you can earn an instant, dollar-for-dollar match on your EBT card when you buy fresh fruits and vegetables. You can take part in the program at participating farmers market locations!

About the program

It's easy to earn through the Healthy Incentives Program.

Funds are added to your EBT card right away. You can spend the incentive you earn as you shop, or save it for other SNAP eligible foods.

Eligible foods include:
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables (cut or whole)
  • Frozen fruits and vegetables
  • Seeds and plants to grow at home
  • Fresh herbs and nuts (no added salt, sugar, or fat)
  • Pickled fruits and vegetables, and
  • apple sauce.
Monthly cap

The incentive benefit has a monthly cap based on the size of your household:

  • For 1-2 people, you can earn up to $40 per month
  • For 3 - 5 people, you can earn up to $60 per month
  • For 6 and more people, you can earn up to $80 per month. 

Learn more about the program

Farmers Markets in Boston

Find out more information about Farmers Markets in the City. If you’re a farmers market and you want to become a program retailer, please contact us.

Farmers Markets map

Partners and funders

The Office of Food Justice financially supports the Healthy Incentives Program. We’re able to do this through the annual BostonCANshare campaign, and the generosity of our CANshare Sponsors.

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